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Membership Types & Dues
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  • Individual Membership: $300 for 12 months. Membership period is from January to December. Beginning May 12, 2020, a discounted $100 half-year membership is in place for the remainder of 2020. An event attendee becoming a member within five business days of a specific event may apply the paid event fee to the cost of a current full--year membership. This discount does apply to a six-month membership for the remainder of 2020.
  • Corporate Membership: Corporate Memberships are designed for companies who wish to have multiple staff members attend NY HR People & Strategy learning events for professional development.Please email our Administrator at for more information about corporate membership options.
  • Dues cover attendance at all regular events. Additional fees for special events may apply. NY HR People & Strategy membership dues do not cover membership or meeting attendance fees for National HRPS.

Member Referral Bonus Program

  • A member referral bonus program is active from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.
  • Any member referring a senior internal practitioner who becomes a member during this period will receive a $50 credit towards his/her renewal, up to 6 referrals.
  • Any member referring a new member will be entered in a lottery to win an Alexa at the September 2020 Networking Social.
  • The member referring the most new members will receive a free 2021 NYHRPS membership.
  • Any members referring a Corporate Membership (even his/her own organization) will receive a refund of his/her $300 individual membership fee. However, if the referral is for the member's own company and his/her individual membership was paid by the company, the $300 individual membership fee will be deducted from the Corporate Membership subscription.
  • To indicate referrals, members should email our Administrator at
  • NYHRPS Board members are not eligible for this bonus program.

New York HR People & Strategy (NYHRPS) is an active, dynamic, and diverse community of executives who share innovative ideas, cutting-edge research, and breakthrough practices. We seek talented professionals whose mission is to optimize people strategy to impact organization performance. Member backgrounds include:

  • Leaders within an organization who drive results by developing and advancing the people strategy. This may include directors, vice presidents, and heads of an organization, division, or region.
  • Consultant practitioners who are thought leaders and accomplished in strategic people engagements.
  • Senior-level academics recognized within the profession as contributing strategic thinking and practice.

In addition to the criteria for membership described above, members should have a minimum of 10-15 years of progressive human resource and/or leadership experience. Exceptional candidates for membership who don't meet the criteria will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

NY HR People & Strategy is a community of HR professionals and, in that spirit, we thank you for honoring our no solicitation policy.